Year in Review

2021-2022 Valley of Danville Year in Review
The officers of the Valley of Danville have done an admirable job of continuing to advance the mission and core values of Scottish Rite Freemasonry while still observing safety protocols for COVID. The pandemic has accelerated our Valley’s use of technology and forced us to re-evaluate how we do things.

We had to delay our 2021 Spring Reunion to July 16th and 17th but we were finally able to enjoy each other’s company and once again be able to share in person the lessons taught in our degrees with new 32 degree Masons. We had a Fall Reunion on November 5th and 6th, 2021 and another Spring Reunion on April 1st and 2nd, 2022. The Valley has renewed it's efforts to increase fellowship opportunities at all our events, especially our Reunions. After the 2021 Spring Reunion officially ended, we gathered at the Danville Grotto for dinner and drinks. After the 2021 Fall Reunion ended, we had a dinner honoring First Responders and Moises Gomez spoke to us about his experiences during 9/11. After the 2022 Spring Reunion we had a “Final 4” college basketball viewing party.

The Valley of Danville held many events over the last 12 months, several were meant to further our spiritual development, such as, the Feast of Tishri, Masonic Church service, or the Feast of the Paschal Lamb. Some events were designed to serve our communities or local Blue Lodges, such as, the Danville Summer Sounds, Wreaths Across America, and the Watseka Lodge #446 Tractor Drive. Others were purely for fun, such as, three Christmas parties held in different regions of our Valley, a Seafood Broil, and a tour of JT Walkers Brewery. Those meetings that dealt with Masonic business, we still tried to make enjoyable. Our 2021 installation of officers we held at the Beef House restaurant, our 2022 installation was held at the Possum Trot restaurant, and our 32 Club held a nice catered steak supper. Other events, such as, multiple traveling Degree Days and Degree Production meetings we just enjoyed fellowship time while still taking care of business. We are holding more meetings, such as, membership and new officer orientations, on Zoom to better utilize our officer’s time.

The Valley continued to make improvements to our building throughout the year by doing kitchen upgrades, installing a fire alarm system, fire escape refurbished, first floor stage was redone, and new curtains were hung in the dining room. The maintenance of our Valley’s building has allowed us to bring in more rental income which helps balance the budget and the improvements help to instill pride in all of our members.

 Respectfully Submitted, Brother James W. Both 33⁰ Commander in Chief Valley of Danville A.A.S.R. 

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